Visit Venice

Visit Venice

The Venetian coast-line forms an arc of 100 km. between the River "Tagliamento" and the River "Po" and consists mostly of line sandy beaches which slope gently into Adriatic Sea.
A short distance back from the beach, large areas of pieniewoods and other greenery, shelteres by the many  lagoons, alternate with the huge hotel and housing complexes built to meet the ever-growing needs of tourism.

Venice is a particular town. The dictionary proposes for "particular" the following adjectives: peculiar, singular, exceptional, special: all them perfectly suiting a definition of Venice.

Venice has always been a cosmopolitan town, exotic and meeting point of Est and West, melting pot of different cultures and goods. Unique in the world as concerning its town-planning development, Venice impresses visitor first of all tith its armony of colours and rhythms, extending from San Marco and from the "Palazzo Ducale" to all the town centre, showing them selves over the facades and bridges as well as all along the canals. Venice's architecture is different grom that of any other town, originated from particular historic conditions, which determined a special town-planning development, where water is the absolute protagonist. Is is neither a "museum-city" nor a series of exellent artistic monuments, but a real "water-town". every aspect the presence of the sea, insuch an original environment: the lagoon.

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