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Treviso Airport - Mestre - Venice P.le Roma
Venice P.le Roma - Mestre - Treviso Airport
Treviso Airport - Marco Polo Venice Airport
Treviso Airport - Lido di Jesolo EXPRESS
Treviso Airport - Lido di Jesolo
Treviso Airport - Litorale del Cavallino EXPRESS
Treviso Airport - Cavallino - Punta Sabbioni
Treviso Airport - Caorle EXPRESS
Treviso Airport - Duna Verde-Lido Altanea-P.S.Margherita-Caorle
Treviso Airport - Eraclea Mare EXPRESS
Treviso Airport - Eraclea Mare
Treviso Airport - Bibione EXPRESS
Treviso Airport - Bibione



ATVO provides fast connection, NO STOP,  from Treviso ‘Antonio Canova Airport’  to Venice and Mestre, with well-qualified, experienced staff and air-conditioned buses with plenty of baggage space.
There is an immediate bus departure in connection with all flights  without waiting other flights.
ATVO is the only company authorised to operate all connection from Treviso ‘Antonio Canova Airport’  to the beach resorts of Lido di Jesolo, Littoral of Cavallino-Treporti, Eraclea Mare, Duna Verde, Porto Santa Margherita, Caorle, Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro.  ATVO has its own bus stations and ticket offices in these resorts.

On 18 January 2013 the company obtained the Certifcate of conformity of Norm. UNI EN 13816:2002 relative to the sector regarding passenger public transport services on wheels for line 351 "Treviso Airport - Mestre - Venice".

Customers can purchase tickets as follow:

- on line, at discouted price, by clicking on the shopping cart icon;
  By purchasing your tickets on-line you’ll get a discount and at the airport you can go directly to the bus platforms - in front of the exit - without waiting at the ticket counters

- on board of RyanAir Company's flights
- at Treviso Airport
1) at the automatic ATVO ticket machine in the arrivals baggage-claim area
2) at ATVO ticket office in the arrivals hall, open from 7.30 to 22.30 - (phone n. 0039 422 315 381)

At the ATVO ticket office in the airport it is possibile to receive assistance and information regarding the various destination. The ATVO ticket office also sells exclusively transport tickets for Treviso area

- in Venice
1) at ATVO ticket office in Piazzale Roma, near the Caranibieri station  (phone n. 0039 421 594 671)
2) at automatic ATVO ticket  machine outside the ticket office
3) at 'Chiosco di Pluff' newsagent in the center of the square 5 metres from the depature point for the buses to Treviso Airport
4) at Botazzo Tobaconist's in Piazzale Roma
5) at the Novo Tour Agency in Piazzale Roma
Also, at IEX Change Agency in St.Mark's Square under the Torre dei Mori

- in Mestre
1) at  ATVO ticket office in Via Capuccina 183, near the railway station - (phone n. 0039 421 594 673)
2) at automatic ticket machine outside the ticket office
3) at Bar Binario, situated near the ticket office
4) at ATAV - Associazione Turistica Albergatori Venezia, inside the railway station
5) at 365 Grandi Biglietterie Agency inside the railway station

In Mestre ATVO buses make two stops: the first one in Corso del Popolo, in front of BNP Bank, in the old town center where there are the several hotels, the second one near the railway station where the bus station will shortly be built.

In Venice Piazzale Roma, in Mestre railway station and in Treviso Airport passengers will receive assistance from our staff also directly at the bus stops and information about the different destination.

The one-way ticket to Venice or Mestre, luggage included, costs € 12,00
The round-trip ticket to Venice or Mestre, luggage included, costs € 22,00
For groups larger than 10 people, you can buy a discounted ticket: € 10.00, per person one way,  € 18.00, per person, for round-trip
Tickets must be validateded before getting on the bus, in the stamping machines available at the bus stops