1. ATVO S.p.A. (hereafter called the lessor) provides users with a parking area with entrance and exit of vehicles controlled mechanically, with horizontally marked individual spaces, without responsibility for supervision or custody. Use of the parking spaces does not imply delivery or receiving of the vehicle in the storage area with the express exclusion of any responsibility of custody.  The parking area is under video surveillance, which can be used at any venue of the lessor in order to identify and prove any damage or theft committed inside the parking area.
  2. The entire area, owned by the lessor (hereafter called parking area),  is enclosed by a fence and mobile barriers positioned in correspondence with the entrance and exit lanes; it includes the single parking bays, the lanes of transit, the ramps and arrival area as well as the area adjacent to the cash desks.
  3. Entrance to the parking area is reserved to users. Access (both by vehicle and on foot) must be effected with respect to the vertical and horizontal markings provided for this purpose. It is strictly forbidden for non-users to enter and occupy these places and to undertake any type of activity.
  4. In the parking area reserved parking areas are provided for disabled persons holding the correct coupon/ticket corresponding to the registration number of the vehicle. These spaces are reserved exclusively for such persons subject to the number of spaces available. Should reserve spaces be occupied by vehicles not holding the appropriate ticket or a ticket, which does not correspond to the vehicle registration number, these will be removed by the lessor at the exclusive expense of the owner of the vehicle jointly with the contracting user.
  5. Introducing the car in the parking area qualifies the driver as contracting user; the latter driving the vehicle into the parking area has the sole right to occupy a space limited by the horizontal/vertical lines without any right to a fixed and predetermined space.
  6. The user must collect the ticket, the only document valid for the exit of the vehicle; any consequence deriving from loss, theft and/or deterioration of the ticket is at the expense of the user. With the exit of the vehicle, on presentation of the ticket, whoever may be holding it, the obligation of the lessor terminates.
  7. The tariffs in effect are those shown at the cash desk at the entrance and on the internet site Payment for occupying a space must be made before collecting the vehicle at the automatic machines or at the manual cash desk situated inside the parking area. From the moment of paying the user has 15 minutes to cross the exit barrier; after which the tariff for the extra period of time will be applied. Assessment of payment, exits and relative validation and costing are effected automatically by electronic computerized equipment or handled manually by the operators in service so that documentation – tickets or cards - are continuously updated. For the issuing of invoices relative to the amount due it is the user’s responsibility to request this at the time of payment.
  8. Occupying the parking area may be for one day, a part of a day or for more than one day. For longer periods, the user may have a different arrangement than the tariffs shown. The user has the possibility to use a season ticket service, subordinate to payment in advance of the amount calculated in accordance with the tariffs in effect, shown at the entrance, at the cash desk and on the internet site The season ticket service is subject to application of all the points of the current regulation. All season ticket requests should be made at the manual cash desk of the parking area or at the ticket office at the ATVO bus station, Via Equilio 15, Jesolo Lido. On requesting, the user should identify themselves with a valid identity document, leaving details, address and a telephone contact. All data given by the user will be treated with due confidentiality in accordance with regulations in terms of protection of personal data. Acceptance of the request for a season ticket is dependent on the availability of places. In the case of more requests than places available, they will be granted to those who order earliest. In Agreeing to the request for a season ticket the lessor will issue to the user a ticket to be used in accordance with the these regulations and in accordance with art.13 D.Lgs. n.196/2003 and  with the express written consent for treatment of personal data. It is absolutely forbidden to transfer, to sublet or make improper use of the service subject to a penalty in accordance with art.14556C.C. and thus  confiscation of the sum already paid. The season ticket does not give the holder any right to a fixed or predetermined space. In the case of theft, loss or deterioration of the season ticket showing the right to a parking space, the user must immediately advise the lessor and request a duplicate on payment of administrative costs equal to € 2,80. The lessor can annul  any form of  season ticket at any time, without any obligation of compensation or indemnity, save for the correct regulation of the economic agreement by refunding the residual amount not used.
  9.  The user is expected to park the vehicle with diligence using just one of the spaces indicated, with maximum respect for the horizontal and vertical lines in such a way as not to cause impediment or difficulty for other users. The lessor has the right to remove vehicles parked irregularly and in any case those which are considered as creating an obstacle for reasons of public safety, debiting relative costs to the owner of the vehicle jointly with the contracted user. In the case of necessity to remove a vehicle the management will provide indications for its recovery.
  10. The lessor will consider abandoned vehicles found in the parking area for 45 days from entering. Abandonment will be indicated to the relevant authorities for any consequent action.
  11.  The lessor is not responsible for damage caused ,directly or indirectly, by anyone to persons or vehicles found inside the parking area and along its perimeter, nor for damage nor theft committed or attempted, both to the vehicle and to its internal and external accessories (including on board navigators, car radio, tyres, baggage racks and bicycle racks including all objects contained, bags, helmets etc.) or to baggage, valuables and other objects left in the vehicle. In no way does the lessor exercise custody of any object..
  12. The parking area is entirely uncovered and the lessor is in no way responsible for damage directly or indirectly caused by atmospheric or natural elements.
  13. The user is responsible for damage directly and/or indirectly caused by him/her or by the vehicle taken into the parking area (also for unpredictable events like fire or explosion), to persons or things,  including any equipment and complementary structures of the property of the lessor. The user must promptly advise the management to enable immediate assessment of the event. The lessor reserves the right to take any action towards transgressors.
  14. Recovery or repair of vehicles that may be found in the parking area, must be preventively authorized by ATVO personnel with costs exclusively borne by the requester. In all cases it is forbidden to tow or push vehicles.
  15.  Minors entering the parking area must be accompanied by persons authorized by their parents and remain at all times exclusively under the custody and responsibility of the accompanying person.
  16.  Pets entering the parking area must be supervised by their owner, on a lead and with a muzzle, at all times and exclusively under the custody and responsibility of the owner.
  17.  The parking area is provided with litter bins for materials of small dimensions. It is strictly forbidden to bring material from outside, dangerous refuse or inflammable material and cigarette butts. It is also forbidden to throw on the ground refuse of any kind including chewing gum and cigarette butts. Transgressors will be subject to the normative in force.
  18.  For all pedestrians it is strictly forbidden to cross on the ramps and on the entrance and exit areas, especially around the mobile barriers which regulate access. It is also forbidden for pedestrians to to cross areas used by vehicles for maneuvering; 
  19.  Users are strictly forbidden to:
    • leave the ticket inside the car;
    • linger in the parking area or in the access lanes with the engine running;
    • create any kind of impediment on the parking area entrance and exit lanes;
    • obstruct in any way the exit of other vehicles, the movement and functioning of the services;
    • smoke inside the parking area, in particular near vehicles and the cash desk, or to light fires;
    • keep inflammable, explosive or dangerous substances in the vehicle, except for petrol in the fuel tank;
    • effect any kind of refueling in the parking area;
    • keep full  headlights on in the parking area; the user must however use dipped headlights and use indicators when turning or maneuvering;
    • stop the vehicle on the access lanes, on the ramps or in the entrance area;
    • discharge water, oil or anything that might soil;
    • effect any kind of repair to the vehicle inside the parking area;
    • remain inside the parking area, even inside one’s own vehicle, beyond the time necessary for the operations of occupying and vacating the parking space;
    • use the parking spaces to stop and consume food and drink, to effect any kind of commercial activity, play football or any use other than parking;
    • admit vehicles which lose petrol or oil;
    • leave animals in the vehicle inside the parking area.
  20. Inside the parking area vehicles must proceed at a speed which does not create danger and in any case not over 10 km/h or a lower  speed limit if indicated.
  21. Any complaint should be immediately reported to personnel before proceeding to remove the vehicle, under penalty of forfeiture of any claim. Any complaint should then be made by the user formalized in writing to the management. Any remarks relative to the functioning and efficiency of the parking area should be manifested in writing to the management since any direct contact with personnel regarding this type of observation is forbidden.
  22. If in the case of extraordinary events contrary to the will of ATVO  the functioning of the parking area should fail, no reimbursement of what has already been paid will be due to the user.
  23. On entering and/or stopping the vehicle in the parking area, the user accepts these regulations and agrees with ATVO S.p.A. a contract of lease of the parking space (lease of area) on the conditions of the above stated articles. Any user not accepting this contract is forbidden to enter the parking area.
  24. In accordance with D.Lgs n.196/03, the lessor provides the user with relevant privacy of information through the site.
  The Management