Hire Service

A journey more than 80 years long ...

"A more than 80-year-old journey ..."
ATVO has a long history and experience in providing a professional public and tourist transport service, both national and international.
Our modern bus fleet regularly undergoes strict technical checks.
Maintenance is carried out in our own garage which can take care of every single mechanical component of a bus.
All of our buses are ideal for long journeys and guarantee the highest levels of comfort: air-conditioning, reclinable and expandable seats, microphone, video and stereo facilities, fridge-bar, as well as toilets in some of them.

Drivers have a considerable experience and work in accordance with EEC regulations as regards driving hours.

Tourism for the disabled
ATVO also has luxury buses fitted for transport of the disabled (moving platform in conformity with D.M.18/07/91) - obstruction-free aisle - seats fitted with special headrests, stay wires-safety belts-toilets which can be used autonomously by the disabled- baggage hold to contain also motorized wheelchairs).

A certified service
ATVO has obtained the QUALITY SYSTEM certification according with UNI EN ISO 9001 - ISO 14001- ISO 45001 - UNI 13816 regulations for services of: "TRANSPORT OF PERSONS", SCHEDULED BUS SERVICE, HIRE SERVICE and GARAGE