ATVO tickets are as follows:

- one-way
- return discounted with validity three days from the first stamping of the ticket. The return is convalidated with a second stamping;
- urban services effectected by ATVO;
- cumulative or integrated with other transport services;
-  concessional fares and for groups

Season tickets:
- ordinary;
- reduced for workers and students
- cumulative or integrated with other transport services
- concessional for off-peak periods

In order to establish the fare the distance is calculated on the basis of the kilometric scales available for clients in the agencies and at the head office of the company.

The ticket must be stamped in the special ticket machine on board or at the company's agencies and kept for the entire duration of the journey, it is not transferable and must be shown at any time at the request of ATVO personnel or other agents authorized to verify the regularity and safety of passengers carried by public transport.

The ticket check will be effected by company personnel either in uniform or in plain clothes and carrying a regular identification document.

If the ticket cannot be stamped due to malfunctioning of the ticket machine the driver should be informed at once.

The right to travel ceases at the end of the journey corresponding to the value of the ticket and no optional intermediate stops are permitted, except for those effected for connections. If the journey continues beyond the stop corresponding to the ticket the passenger should be in possession of another ticket relevant to the new destination.

Further information on ticket use is indicated in the section “Service Paper”