Norms of bus ticket

In ATVO bus services of line 029 “Venezia – Cortina” (stops Venezia, Mestre, Marco Polo Airport from/to Longarone, Tai di Cadore, San Vito Cadore, Cortina), of line 039 “Lido di Jesolo – Longarone” (stops Lido di Jesolo from/to Vittorio Veneto, Longarone, Belluno), the transportation of bicycles is allowed, with a maximum of 5 per each bus and upon payment of a specific ticket and reservation of the seat on the website or at ATVO ticket offices and authorized retailers. The bikes must be packed in appropriate cases or must be anyway covered by a specific protective casing. They will be placed in the luggage compartment of the bus.
In all other cases (suburban services in Veneto), the transportation of bicycles is allowed upon payment of the ticket referring the route of concern, and up to 2 bikes per each bus, subject to availability checked by the head of the service or by the driver.
Please note that possible damages caused by the bicycles to the other baggage pieces shall be borne by the owner of the above mentioned bikes, that is the owner of the relevant ticket.
The sames rules for the transportation of goods shall apply to the transportation of bicycles.
The above mentioned provisions shall apply by analogy to the transportation of e-kickscooters.