In view of of the health emergency, to protect the health of travellers and collaborators, ATVO has taken some measures and initiatives to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in constant coordination with the Competent Authorities.

At the bus stations, ticket offices, waiting areas, bus stops and in-vehicles, it is mandatory to follow the instructions and behavioural norms issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and by the Health Authorities.


At the bus stations and stops:
  • It is mandatory to wear gloves and face masks, checking the complete coverage of nose and mouth;
  • It is mandatory to respect at least 1 m interpersonal safety distance

At the bus stations, according to the Local Health Authorities’s rules, passengers’ body temperature may be checked prior to departure, and in case of a higher value than the one fixed by the legislation (generally 37,5° C) they may be banned from leaving or a medical certification may be required.
Following safety meausures shall be applied at the bus stations: 
  • Daily sanitation of all areas;
  • Installation of hand sanitizing gel dispensers;
  • The collaborators take all precautional measures.

  • It is mandatory to wear gloves and face masks, checking the complete coverage of nose and mouth;
  • It is mandatory to respect at least 1 m interpersonal safety distance: in case the number of passengers on board should not allow this, it will be necessary to wait for the next bus
  • It is forbidden to use the front door of the buses and to linger in the driver area. In any case the minimum distance of 1 m from the driver must be respected;
  • The phases of getting on/off the vehicles must happen in an orderly fashion, in a single file and     keeping the minimum distance of 1 m from each other;
  • In the event that the ticket validation machine is not accessible/working, the ticket must be validated    by manually adding the date and time of the journey
According to the current Regulations from the Health Authorities, some measures have been adopted, in order to minimise contact between passengers and passengers:
  • The interpersonal distance of at least one meter is guaranteed in-vehicles through alternate seating. On the unusable seats the "ban of the use" is indicated by appropriate signs
  • The sale of tickets on board of the buses is suspended
In-vehicles following safety measures are taken:
  • daily sanitization of the vehicles;
  • installation of hand sanitizer dispensers;
  • presence of a kit consisting of a breathing mask, latex gloves and hand sanitizer at disposal of the driver and to be used in emergency
  • The driver will take all precautionary measures
For the safety of our staff and yours, please carefully follow the instructions.

In order to respect the social distancing and prevent gatherings, customers are kindly requested to prevelege the channels of purchase on line like the website and the web app
As an alternative the purchase at the automatic machines, at the ticket offices of the company and at the authorized agents is also available, always carefully avoiding gatherings. Customers going to the ticket offices are kindly requested to respect the safety social distancing and to follow the measures for the access limit.
The sale of tickets in-vehicles is suspended.

In order to allow passengers to safely purchase the tickets, without the need to physically go to the ticket offices, ATVO has activated a completely innovative system for the quick purchase of the tickets.The system allows the traveller to purchase the ticket directly at ATVO bus stops through the app daAaB by simply scanning the appropriate QR Code indicated at the stop.
Travellers going to the bus stop will be able to purchase the tickets directly on their smartphone with 3 simple operations:
  • Scanning the QR Code posted at the bus stop
  • Selecting the chosen destination
  • Purchasing the ticket
All main ATVO stops will be equipped with special signs showing the QR code related to the stop.
The idea is to extend the quick purchase system at the bus stop to the whole network.
Such a solution aims to protect the travellers in this period of health emergency, but at the same time is a big step forward by the company, which wants to be up with the times and to invest in the technology.



According to the provisions by the Prime Minister’s Office, by the Health  and competent Authorities ATVO has strengthened the activities of sanitization and disinfestation of the vehicles, the bus stations, the waiting areas and the ticket offices, taking specific measures.
The acitivity of sanitization provides the use of sanitization machines and products and is daily made by trained staff equipped with protective suits, surgical masks and safety gloves.
  • VEHICLES: The interior of every vehicle is carefully treated with specific products, with particular attention to the contact surfaces.
  • BUS STATION – TICKET OFFICES: bus stations, waiting areas and ticket offices are sanitized with particular attention to the display areas and to the contact surfaces.


  • The Venetian startup has launched in collaboration with ATVO an innovative service of company bus shuttles, created for this moment in which daily life is conditioned by Corona virus.
  • Your ticket? You can get it here!  
ATVO’s initiative promotes a quick purchase at the bus stop with the smartphone.
This system allows the traveller to purchase the ticket directly at the bus stop from the app daAaB, by scanning the appropriate QR Code indicated at the bus stop and entering the desired destination.