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Functional changes of DAAB app


We wish to inform our Customers that from Monday december 19th 2022 some functional changes of DAAB app will become effective.
Specifically, the tickets purchased by accessing the section “Tickets” must be USED EXCLUSIVELY WITHIN 4 HOURS FROM THE PURCHASE. Afterwards  the tickets can neither be used nor reimbursed.
In any case the requirement for the user to MANUALLY ACTIVATE THE TICKET BEFORE USING THE SERVICE remains still. In case the ticket is not activated a fine will be applied according to the Regional Law (Veneto) n. 25/1998
and following changes (Point 2).
Instead, the operating mode upon route search and purchase of the related ticket with selection of a specific trip and automatic activation of the ticket (point 1) will remain unchanged.
 For further information please see DAAB app.
The Management