Über uns

Who we are


ATVO S.p.A. si a limited company wIth mainly public capital in accordance with art. 113 of the low 267/2001. The public parteners  comprise the Metropolitan City and 21 councils which cover the area of eastern Veneto, the private partners are rappresented by Dolomitibus S.p.A., ATAP S.p.A. and Linea 80 Scarl
The structure and image of the company can be represented by the following date and values:

- approx. 9.797.926,00 vehicle/km developed;
- 441 serving employees;
- 307 vehicles in service.

Service covered by the company comprise:

- public transport of passengers on licensed urban and extra-urban lines;
- school and special services;
- hire services;
- vehicle repair service.

The distribution oh the company structure covers the areas of San Donaà di Piave, Jesolo and Portogruaro; in addition the company's ticket offices are located in other towns in the Veneto and Pordenone.

There is a direct rapport with the customer through the company's ticket offices and three hundred other authorized bus tickets sales outlets. As regards commuter users of the service (students and workers), season tickets can be purchased at all ticket offices and some ten authorized private sales outlets.

Particular care is taken to provide a professional and personal image for whoever may require the company's services.

For many years the company has paid particular attention to its customers/users, providing messages and/or questionnaires aimed at knowing and evaluating the company's services and also introducing a register suitable for knowing the needs, expectations and complaints of the users.

All of this and the standards of the service have been codified in the Service Paper adopted since October 1994 and updated in January 2007.

The foudamental priciples and guidelines which inspire company procedure are:

- equality;
- impartiality;
- continuity of service
- efficiency and effectiveness of service in tems of standard as previously stated;
- periodic evaluation of the level of satisfaction of customers.

Ing. Stefano CERCHIER