The passenger is required to purchase the ticket before boarding the bus, from an ATVO ticket office, an authorised sales office or an automatic ticket machine.
Service personnel, including the driver, can ask the passenger to show the ticket in order to determine its validity.

In exceptional cases the ticket can be purchased on the bus asking the driver. This is a special type of ticket and is subject to a supplement depending on the regulations of the  Region or the governing authority.
More than one ticket cannot be used to make up the fare relative to the journey undertaken.

The ticket must be stamped in the ticket machine on board or on the ground at the company's agencies and must be kept for the entire duration of the journey. It is not transferable and must be shown  at any time when requested by ATVO personnel or other agents authorised by law to verify the regularity and safety of the public transport of passengers.
Ticket inspection will be carried out by company staff both with and without uniform and with a document of identification.

Non validation of the ticket due to malfunctioning of the ticket machine should be pointed out to the driver immediately.

The right to travel terminates at the end of the journey corresponding to the value of the ticket and optional intermediary stops are not allowed., except for those made for a connection. In the event  of proceeding beyond the stop corresponding to the ticket, the passenger will have to be in possession of another ticket relevant to the new destination.


In order to determine the fare the distance is calculated based on a kilometric scale
available for clients in ticket agencies and in the company's main offices.
Passengers boarding or disembarking at an intermediary stop not indicated in the fare list (a secondary stop), are subject to a fare calculated on the stop preceding that of boarding  and on the following stop to that of disembarkation.

ATVO bus tickets can be issued in the following ways:
-paper: ATVO ticket offices, automatic distributors, internet, pre-stamped type;
- magnetic: plastic card with magnetic strip (only season tickets); the card must be accompanied by a renewal ticket issued by the ATVO ticket system or issued by private retailers
- electronic: ATVO ticket offices and by internet for recharging and/or renewal of season ticket.

ATVO bus tickets are in these groups:


- one-way ticket;
- return ticket with discount valid for three days from the first stamp;
   The return is validated with a second stamp;
- 10 journey ticket;
- tickets for urban services effected by ATVO
- inclusive tickets or integrated with other transport services;
- tickets with preferential fares and for groups;
- tickets with time validity of 60, 90 minutes.

b. ELECTRONIC TICKET on smart card contact-less type MIFARE ULTRALIGHT;
Electronic tickets, at present reserved for urban service in Jesolo, Caorle, Bibione, San Donà di Piave and shortly on extra-urban lines, are grouped as follows:
- multi-journey ticket;
- 10 journey ticket;
- ticket valid 60, 90 minutes;
- family ticket;
- family ticket valid 60, 90 minutes;
- 3 and 7 day ticket;
- market ticket

SEASON TICKETS on plastic cards with magnetic strip or on contact-less CALYPSO type smart card
1. Ordinary
2. Concessionary for workers and students;
3. Inclusive or integrated with other transport services;
4. Concessionary for off-peak periods

- minors up to the age of four years are exempt from payment;
- guide dogs accompanying a non-seeing or non-hearing person, the latter being in possession of     a document acknowledging this;
- carriages of the type used by people unable to walk or for babies;
- an accompanying person together with he holder of an  ATVO monthly season ticket and an off peak province card, on condition that this provides for an accompanying person;
- in the case of an off-peak user holding a card for another public office (state, Region, Province) even if resident outside the Veneto Region and in possession of an ordinary ticket, if the above-mentioned tickets expressly provide for an accompanying person, this person can travel free of charge with the right to travel corresponding to the holder of the card;
- agents and public safety officials, miscellaneous police officers as well as holders of tickets issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport have the right to travel freely on public transport..
Those belonging to the local police forces have the right to travel freely on public transport within the area they work in.
Acknowledgment of belonging to a force is by means of the service ticket issued by the relevant command.

Regulations regarding the various types of ticket mentioned are available at the company's offices.

The fares are those approved by the relevant authorities and are available at the company's offices.


Since most stops are request stops, not compulsory stops, passengers waiting for the bus they wish to board should signal with a wave of the hand. Similarly on the bus when approaching a stop they should press the sound or illuminated “request stop” button.
In the event that they are standing for the journey or for part of it passengers should make use of the supports or handles.

Passengers are asked to give up their seat to disabled people for whom seats are reserved  (art. 27 law 30.3.1871, n.118), as well as for the elderly and those with babies.

Passengers are not allowed to:

- board or disembark from the bus from places other than those designated, in accordance withindications inside and outside the vehicle and when the vehicle is moving. Offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €7.00 to €23.00.

- occupy more than one seat without right or block the exit or passage in contradiction to company personnel indications. Offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €7.00 to €23.00;

- open the bus window without the consent f all passengers concerned. Offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €7.00 to €23.00;

- throw objects from the windows. Offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €5.00 to €15.00; Should this take place while the vehicle is moving offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €25.00 to €258.00 or to arrest for up to two months;

- lean out of the windows with the vehicle in motion. Offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €7.00 to €23.00;

- smoke on board the bus or inside the company's premises where this ban is explicitly indicated.       Offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €25.00 to €250.00; the penalty is doubled  where this takes place in the presence of a pregnant woman or a child of under 12 years

- activate, except in case of serious and incumbent danger, the commands for the opening of the doors in an emergency, or any other emergency device installed on the bus and shown for this purpose.  Offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €258.00 to €1.549,00;

- to cause damage of any kind to vehicles or property belonging to the company. Offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €7.00 to €23.00. The above-stated penalty does not apply when the actions take place due to anyone suddenly taken ill, apart from the obligation for any damage caused. A reduced payment of the penalty with releasing effect, is subordinate to contextual payment of the sum corresponding to any damage caused when the sum is pre-determined or notified to the offender at the time of the offence. In other cases, as well as the possibility for payment in a reduced form with releasing effect, the amount of any damage should be compensated for separately, prior to assessment and notification;

- advertise, commercially or for charity for the collection of funds for any purpose, without authorisation of management. Offenders will be removed from the bus, prior to withdrawal of the bus ticket, without any right or reimbursement for the remainder of the journey  and will be subject, in addition, to an administrative penalty from €15.00 to €46.00; Where the sales of goods takes place in collaboration with other people, offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €258.00 to €1,549.00;

- deposit in the company's premises or transport on the bus gas cylinders, empty or full, explosive material of any nature, inflammables, poisons, corrosives or contaminators;

- board the bus with animals, arms, materials, objects and coverings which for their volume, form or nature may disturb or be dangerous for passengers and/or cause damage to oneself;

- distract the driver while he is driving, prevent or obstruct him from carrying out his duties;

- ask the driver to board or disembark from the bus at a place different from an established stop;

- sing, make a noise, be rowdy or behave in an  inappropriate or disturbing manner so as to cause       discomfort or disturbance;

- board the bus n a drunken state or in a physical or psychophysical condition which prevents the  proper use of the service or to cause damage to oneself or others;

- board the bus in dirty or indecent clothing or with evident signs of contagious illness or injury which could cause damage or disturbance  to other passengers, except in the case of an  emergency.

For the offences from point l) to point r), which deal with regulations concerning an administrative penalty.
Functional regularity, as well as order and safety of the operation, offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty from €7.00 to €23.00.

For offences for which an administrative penalty is applicable, immediate payment is permitted to the person who has verified the offence and with releasing effect for all concerned, of a sum corresponding to the minimum penalty for the offence committed.
If, for any reason, payment is not effected immediately, it may be transmitted by means of a postal payment slip within 60 days of the offence. In the event that payment is not effectedwithin the term stated law 689/81 will be applied.
Anyone who refuses to comply with the regulations for order and safety of the service may be removed from the bus or premises belonging to the company.  


The passenger should carefully read  notices inside the bus, the agencies and the ATVO premises and ticket sales outlets.
ATVO does not respond to timetables published by third parties.
The timetables shown to the public and those indicated in ATVO publications may vary without notice for causes beyond its control.
Clients will be informed, with 5 days' notice, by public notification and on the company internet  site about interruptions to services due to strike action.
In accordance with comma 2 art. 2 of Law n.146 of 12 June 1990 ATVO inform that, on the occasion of strike action called by the Union Organization of the category, the service will be guaranteed with the ordinary operating programme with departures from the termini in the following time band:
Summer period: from 6.00 to 9.00 and from 16.30 to 19.30
Winter period from 6.00 to 9.00 and from 12.00 to 15.00.
Information regarding the guaranteed services will be available by contacting the company telephone operator at 0421-5944 or on the company internet site.
The company declines any responsibility for missed connections due to causes beyond its control, with regard to the timetable shown.
Connections are considered only those provided in the official timetables and those for which the interval between the arrival time and the departure time is at least 15 minutes.
In the case where the company is responsible for a missed  connection the company authorizes the journey to be continued by other means to enable the destination to be reached with the least delay possible without payment of any difference of price for the extra journey.  
Should the journey be interrupted due to a breakdown of the vehicle ATVO will endeavour to continue the journey in a time equal to that established for the journey calculated between the terminal of departure and that of arrival.
Temporary diversions of a service due to external conditions will not mean a variation in ticket price.
On Christmas Day and New Year's Day all services operated by ATVO will be suspended except for services from  Venice and Treviso airports to Mestre-Venice  and Pordenone, as well as some extra connections from Jesolo Lido to Punta Sabbioni and Saccagnana-Punta Sabbioni.
The line Venice-Cortina does not operate on Christmas Day..


At the ATVO agencies and other sales points a register is available for the public for complaints and suggestions  about the company's service.
This can be used  in appealing against administrative penalties provided it is stated as the object of the words “Appeal against administrative penalty n. ... of ....”).
This penalty will be sent on to the relevant body with the counter-deductions of the company which will be notified to the person concerned.
In the case of simple communication by the user, a reply will be received within 30 days but this communication has no effect in the application of the law for the relative penalty.


Each passenger is entitled to carry free of charge one suitcase or other item of maximum dimension 50 x 45 x 25 cm (hereafter called “small”).
For each passenger there is one ticket for every two pieces of baggage measuring 85 x 45 x 25 cm (hereafter called “large”).

Examples of baggage ticket payment per passenger

- ( 1 small) free;
- (1 small + 1 small) the 1st small free,
- the 2nd small pays 1 ticket;
- (1 large) pays 1 ticket;
- (1 large + 1 large) pays 1 ticket
- and so on every 2 large pay 1 ticket;
- (1 small + 1 large) the small one free,
- the large pays 1 ticket;
- (1 small + 2 large) the small one free,
- for the 2 large pay 1 ticket;
- (1 small + 3 large) the small one free,
- for 2 large pay 1 ticket
- for the 3rd large pay 1 ticket,
- for a total of 2 tickets;
- (1 small + 5 large) the small one free,
- for the first 2 large ones pay 1 ticket,
- for the 3rd and 4th large pay 1 ticket,
- for the 5thlarge pay 1 ticket,
- for a total of 3 tickets.

On payment of the baggage fare for each item the passenger is entitled to transport skis, musical instruments measuring over 50 x 45 x 25 and hunting and fishing equipment provided they are not dangerous and have their own casing.
Payment is not required for baggage when the ticket states “baggage included”. In addition, on payment of the passenger ticket, for the same route bicycles can be transported  with a maximum of two per bus and depending on availability determined by the driver.
In any case, the transport of bulky, dirty or dangerous objects is not permitted.
Everything that remains with the passenger remains always and exclusively under their custody and are their responsibility in the event of damage to persons or to the bus. ATVO will answer only when they are damaged or destroyed  and are lost during the journey for causes for which it is responsible.
Things transported in the luggage holds for which a ticket is required, are subject to the responsibility of the carrier in accordance with law 22.8.1985, n.450. The possibility of compensation will be effective in accordance with the normative governing public bus transport  and will not exceed the amount established for maritime and air transport, which is the limit of responsibility in compensation for damage within the limit of €6.20 per kilogram or the greater amount resulting from the declaration of value and in any case within €103.29 per kilogram for each piece of baggage.
As regards responsibility ATVO will not respond for objects of value possibly contained inside the baggage, such as cash, debit or credit cards, objects of art or antiquity, precious objects or similar.


Free transport is permitted of domestic animals of small dimension if inside suitable cages and in the care of their owner. In any case they should be held in one's arms without disturbing other passengers.
All dogs should have a muzzle and lead.
The transport of dogs of medium or large size is subject to payment of the entire fare and they must not occupy a seat.
Free transport is permitted of guide dogs for those unable to see or hear.


People using local public transport and travelling without a ticket, or with an invalid ticket will have to pay the price of a normal ticket calculated from the terminus  to the passenger's destination and in addition an administrative penalty fixed by the authority concerned.
The procedure of ascertaining, notifying and collection of payment is in accordance with law 24.11.1981. n.689 and is explained in a summary report drawn up  by ATVO ticket inspectors.
The process of ascertaining will be carried out in accordance with L.R.25/98 by “ticket inspectors” who perform the function of administrative police carrying out the rights and duties of “public officials”.
Passengers subject to administrative penalties for ticket irregularities must provide the ticket inspector with their personal details and a valid identity document.
Passengers are advised that:
- in the event of false declarations art.496 of the penal code will apply.
- offenders will be able to reconcile the offence with releasing effect by paying the inspector the amount of the penalty as well as the ticket fare. The inspector will issue a copy of the relevant summary report;
- should the passenger not be able or not intend to pay the ticket inspector, the latter will draw up a report carrying the details from a valid identity document. In accordance with articles 494, 495 and 406 of the C.P. the details must be correctly provided. The passenger has the right to add their own declaration to the report, signing this and receiving a copy;
- failure to pay the penalty or to provide incorrect identification  may lead to forced eviction from the bus at the first stop or intervention by the police.
- arts. 465 and 466 of the penal code will be applied in the case of the use of a false or altered ticket.


The general and special conditions of transport reserved for season ticket holders are signed and accepted by season ticket holders on presentation of an application for a season ticket.; as regards administrative penalties, the conditions in point 9 will be applied.
The periodic season ticket renewal slip, stamped at the first time of using, must be shown to staff on the bus at the time of boarding, together with the season ticket..
Irregular use of the season ticket (slip or ticket) will result in withdrawal of the ticket unless otherwise stated by law.
In the case of  loss, theft or forgetting the season ticket a special procedure is provided by company regulations made known to the user by means of  relevant information provided at the time of application..


Arrangements are made to reimburse passengers for the amount of the fare paid where fault lies with the company:

a) the service is suspended without giving sufficient information to passengers through the local  press,  ATVO internet site or information provided by the main offices of the company;

b) following breakdown of the vehicle continuation of the service is not guaranteed to the destination  in a time equal to the duration of the journey established;

c) the service is delayed for reasons of inefficiency, causes damage to the passenger;

d) the passenger has not been able to check in at Venice or Treviso airports because of delay, exclusively  when the service used provides an arrival time equal to at least 60 minutes before closure of the check in.

e) the client missed the train, exclusively to a delay when the service used is scheduled to arrive at the railway station at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the train.

The amount of the reimbursement (for points a, b, c) will be equal to the value of the ticket paid; in  extremely serious cases  reimbursement of a substitute taxi service will be made equal to the length of journey of the ATVO ticket.
Payment of the substitute service will be made only in the case of  authorization by ATVO asking at the ticket office or at the point of departure where ATVO staff will check the possibility of providing an easily usable scheduled service.
Payment of reimbursement will be made only in the presence of the ATVO ticket for the journey concerned  and on presentation of the receipt.
The amount of the reimbursement (for points d, e) is equal to the amount of the bus ticket.

In the case of  loss of baggage for which a regular bus ticket has been  paid the norms of the law in force will apply.

These reimbursements will be subject to the law in force.

In the case of strike action no type of season ticket, nor part of the same, can be reimbursed.

In accordance with art. 55, comma 1 letter b) of Legislative Decree 6 October 2005, n. 206 (the so-name "Consume Code") for transactions effected through the service *ATVO online sales* the right to withdrawal as per art.64 and the following of the same Consumer Code is not applicable.

Specific forms of reimbursement can be undertaken for particular bus tickets (reserved services etc).
Responsibility of the carrier, in accordance with art.1681 of the civil code begins at the time of boarding the bus and ceases on disembarkation.

ATVO is equipped with a procedure for the handling of lost property as follows:
- recovery by the agent and delivery to the relevant coordinator;
- registration of the lost property by the coordinator;
- delivery to the owner directly if requested within one week of finding;
- transmitting to the head of the local police of the relevant town of the company operating unit if the above request is not made or if it is impossible to deliver to the legitimate owner in accordance with art.927 of the civil code;
Passengers can apply to the offices of the operative units of  San Donà di Piave, Jesolo Lido  and Portogruaro.