Alquiler De Autobuses

Términos y condiciones de viaje

Types of services
  • Transfer: from / to airports, ports, railway stations, events, ceremonies, etc.
  • Day / half day: bus available
  • Multiple days - services for which at least one overnight stay of the off-site driver is provided
Reservations must be made directly to the Bus-hire Office in San Donà di Piave, in person, by e-mail or by telephone at the addresses you find on the "Information and reservations" page or filling the special form.

Rental amount
Unless otherwise stated, the price of the service includes tax charges (Italian and foreign VAT where applicable), parking lots, tunnels, ferry boat passes, tolls, city entrance passes (ZTL bus).
For multi-day tours, the driver's food and lodging is NOT included in the rate and is to be considered at group’s charge (in this case, our staff must be assured of a proper treatment in the structure where the group is staying or in the immediate vicinity; meals that the driver does not consume with the group will be charged on the invoice).

Trip details
The client must agree with the company on the time and place of departure, return time, destination, any intermediate stops, itinerary and number of places available. For any delays not due to the carrier, hourly surcharges and the amount for a second driver where necessary will be charged. The route, if not expressly agreed, will be calculated for the shortest way (not necessarily via the highway).
Changes in itinerary and time, extra services required during the course of the service are carried out under the responsibility of the group leader and company authorization (in this case it is necessary to countersign the travel document)
No charge can be ascribe to our Company for: failure to reach the destination due to force majeure (e.g. road impracticability) or delays caused by breakages or inefficiencies of the vehicle or other, once the service has started.
The number of passengers indicated on the vehicle registration card may not be exceeded. For this reason it is ALWAYS necessary to communicate the number of passengers who will be on board the vehicle (including any guides and tour leaders who may get on even for part of the route).

Driving and rest times
We remind you that the European Regulation n. 561/2006 relating to driving times, provides that a driver can drive continuously up to 4 hours and 30 minutes, then must have a minimum interruption of 45 minutes or split into 2 periods of at least 15 minutes the first and at least 30 minutes the second . The maximum daily driving time is 9 hours while the daily rest cannot be less than 11 consecutive hours. If greater availability is required, this must always be agreed with the Bus-hire Office.

Second driver
The second driver will be provided by ATVO in compliance with European Regulation N. 561/2006 at its sole discretion, with charge to the customer.

The booked transfer or day services can be canceled without charge as long as the cancellation is made at least 24 hours before departure.
The booked multi-day services can be changed or canceled without charge as long as canceled within 48 hours of departure.
For those canceled in less time, a penalty of up to a maximum of 50% of the rental amount may be applied in addition to the costs already incurred relating to reservations, various authorizations and / or parking not refundable to the carrier.

The baggage must be stowed in the luggage van and on board the customer can only carry small bags that must be stored in the appropriate overhead bins. The customer is recommended to assist in loading / unloading baggage in order to avoid disputes.
It is absolutely forbidden to load flammable or dangerous material into the coach. The loading of extra material must be requested and authorized.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made in advance by bank transfer at least 72 hours in advance, a copy of the accountant must be sent to the email address

Notification obligation for high-risk trips
The customer is obliged to inform ATVO, at the time of requesting the quote, about the so-called "risk travel". Those trips are considered such that are at risk to safety during the journey - for example: football matches, derby, events - and in cases where the presence of law enforcement can be expected.
In the event of a “trip at risk”, ATVO reserves the right to cancel the booked trip or withdraw from the contract.
In the actual case of a trip at risk not communicated, ATVO reserves the right (before or during the trip) to cancel or interrupt the trip. The User cannot request damages, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence of the carrier

Travel rules
  • Seat belts must be fastened during the journey.
  • It is forbidden to remain standing when the bus is moving, you can only get up after the bus has completely stopped.
  • It is forbidden to stop or occupy corridors and exits, even with objects and luggage.
  • Strictly no smoking on the bus.
  • It is forbidden to eat and drink on the bus.
  • The use of the toilet, if present, must take place with the bus stopped.
  • Only hand baggage is allowed inside the coach (NO BACKPACKS) which must be stored only in the overhead bins.
  • Exceptional loads: boxes of food and drinks, tables and benches, various materials, musical instruments, gas cylinders and stoves. They can be loaded on board only if authorized.
  • Any waste produced must be collected and disposed of by the group leader.
  • It is recommended to maintain a calm and correct behavior; screams and shouts can disturb the driver of the vehicle and jeopardize the safety of all passengers.
  • The client must request in advance the possibility of using the toilet, coffee machine, mini bar, DVD-video.
  • Any damage caused by the group, to the bus or accessories, will be charged to the customer.
  • Lost property, theft, deterioration - it is recommended to carefully check the presence and condition of luggage both at the departure and at the end of the trip. ATVO is not responsible for lost or missing items on board, except in cases of proven willfulness or negligence.
  • The group leader is obliged to make an inspection of the internal state of the coach at the start and end of the service in order to avoid loss and verify breakages. Damages will be charged to the responsable and / or to the group. Please inform the driver promptly of any anomaly, problem and other event that occurs on board our buses.
Any discrepancy in the supply of the transport service must be directly contested to the driver. Any requests for discounts and / or compensation must be sent by registered letter with return receipt, PEC or e-mail within ten days of the return date.

Acceptance of the quotation implies acceptance of the supply conditions and the rules of conduct.
It is agreed that for any controversy deriving from the contract the Court of Venice will have jurisdiction.